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Lawyers for Injured Factory Workers in Will County

Factory workers are an essential part of American industry. They are also at an increased risk of suffering workplace injuries. Factories can be dangerous places, even when workers are following all appropriate safety protocols. Workers are in even more danger when an employer fails to develop and enforce necessary safety procedures. When a factory worker is injured, it is unlikely that they will be able to keep working while they are recovering. Some workers may even become permanently and totally disabled due to a catastrophic injury. In most cases, injured factory workers are able to receive benefits through workers' compensation.

Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol LLC is experienced in working with factory employees to help them receive the funds they need through workers' compensation. We may be able to help you receive compensation for expenses such as the cost of your medical care in addition to your lost wages. You should not be the one to bear the burden of paying for an injury that happened while you were working. Our goal is to get you every bit of compensation you need so that you do not suffer any financial hardship as a result of your injury.

Will County Lawyer for Factory Worker Injuries

Factories can be dangerous places. Workers are generally surrounded by dangerous heavy machinery every day. It takes very little for a factory worker to become seriously injured. Common factory injuries our attorneys can help with include:

  • Burns - Severe burn injuries can be disfiguring, and some serious burns may require a prolonged hospital stay to treat.
  • Falls - These incidents are common in factories where workers are stationed at different levels or are required to climb ladders to perform their job duties. Slip and fall accidents are also relatively common.
  • Broken bones - Fractured bones in factories are often the result of a person's limb being crushed by heavy machinery or equipment. These types of fractures can be difficult to treat and may require multiple surgeries.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries - Spine injuries are generally considered to be catastrophic injuries, especially when they result in paralysis. Even minor back injuries can leave you in serious pain and render you unable to work during your recovery. Some back injuries may lead to chronic pain and permanent disability.
  • Eye injuries - Damage to the eyes is a major risk in factories, especially when the proper personal protective equipment is not provided. These injuries can lead to a loss of vision, which is likely to prevent you from returning to your job.
  • Brain injuries - There are a lot of moving mechanical parts in factories. When a worker is struck in the head by equipment or falling objects, they may suffer a traumatic brain injury.
  • Repetitive stress injuries - Factory workers often perform repetitive tasks that can lead to injuries over time. You may find that you are suffering frequent or constant pain in a part of your body you put strain on during your work.

If your injury happened while you were working in a factory, you can very likely recover compensation for it through workers' compensation. We will represent you aggressively and strive to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. Whether your injury is temporary or permanent and life-altering, we will do everything we can to help you recover the compensation you need.

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Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol LLC is skilled in helping injured factory workers recover the money they need through workers' compensation. We are highly experienced in workers' compensation law, and we strive to obtain the best results possible for our clients. To begin with a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 815-730-1977. We serve clients throughout Will County in our Naperville office.

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